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Our Mission
The Belton Foundation's mission is to enrich the lives of youth through educational programs and to promote healthy living lifestyles for cancer prevention.

Empowering families & communities.

About Us

Zackary N. Belton
Chairman & Founder
Zackary makes sure our events and activities support the mission and goals of the foundation.

Our foundation is committed to transforming communities by raising funds and developing resources to support programs that empower underprivileged youth and families. 

Through its programs, our foundation strives to create experiences that broaden perspectives, attitudes and knowledge of families.

Tamra H. Belton
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer
Tamra manages the finances and relationships in the community to keep our services and programs flowing.

Meet our Founders

Our Board of Directors
Ashley Belton

Betty Belton
Marsaillus Belton
Stephanie Belton
Versie Harrison

Jessie Jones
Melvina Lenton

Lisa Moore

Colleen Nolly
Monique Nolly